Saturday, July 09, 2005

Viva London!

Ian McEwan is already being proved wrong in some ways as people begin to use the Tube, almost in defiance of the events of July 7. It was so inspiring to see on TV yesterday, a man whose face was bandaged up, vowing to get on the Tube even if it was only to go from one stop to the next, just to show that the terrorists had not won. But mostly, there is a sort of weary resignation about this, as if people were coming to terms with what it means to live in this age. The 'war on terror', they call it, the words not even capitalised, as if to suggest that this is now the backdrop of our lives, a continuing condition that rudely interrupts ever so often, only to recede into the background again. But in one sense, McEwan is right - the calls to to give the Leviathan of the state more power to protect us from ourselves are already beginning.

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