Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cry, beloved Brazil

Lula is embroiled in a corruption scandal which is edging ever closer to him. Now we are told that Lula knew of the scandal before it became public knowledge.

Movimento Sem Terra (MST), Latin America's largest social movement and the primary social movement linked to the ruling Workers' Party (PT), has reacted to news of the scandal with unequivocal disgust: 'this government has been distorted. We are not dealing any more with the same government that we elected in 2002. We do not have a government of the left, nor of the center-left. We have a centrist government, since the right controls economic policy. We can say goodbye to the Workers Party government and its historic commitments. We are suffering the consequences of an ambiguous government, composed of political forces in society that range from the right to the left and that has very little to offer.'

The New Left Review contains a balance sheet of the Lula government as it approaches the final year of its mandate; finality may be closer then we think: there are already murmurings of impeachment. Another assessment of Lula's performance (before the corruption scandal broke) can be found here.

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