Friday, August 12, 2005

Desert island, good book

Nick Hornby, on the High Down prison reading group, winner of the Penguin/Orange Book Club of the Year award: 'For those of us who still believe that books add value and meaning to a life, then, a prison reading group is surely the ultimate examination of that belief: these are lives that could use as much added value as they can find. I'm sure there are many excellent groups all over the country reading their socks off, but it's hard to imagine that there are any more deserving recipients of the Penguin/Orange Reading Group Award than the 10 men who meet in High Down library every month.'

For the last five years, winners of the award have been given a trip to the Edinburgh festival as their prize. This year, the realities of incarceration meant that they had to do things differently; so the author came to them.

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