Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Short story

Two pieces, which I havn't had time to read yet, on the short story.

Any recommendations?

s: Raymond Carver

thariel: Borges (not that I've read any, but he's quoted all over the place...), Premchand

elizabeth: the astonishing sherman alexie, a.s. byatt, angela carter, lorrie moore, marquez, carver, jhumpa lahiri

kaashyapeya: Rana Dasgupta, Joyce

Der Fremde a.k.a. Somak: Borges (the undisputed Master), Kafka, James,Tagore and in that order.

the guardian piece is right on the money - the short story is a different art form (and unlike poetry, i sort of get it :)). i started reading carver recently and he is just great.
Thanks for the reco. I've just read the Guardian piece and it seems to point to a whole world that I know nothing of. I have to say I have laboured under the misconception that on account of sheer length the short story is somehow 'easier', chronologically prior, containing seed of incipient novel, not a finished piece of work in its own right. Silly I know...Must pick up something on next visit to library.

I was quite kicked that the piece mentioned Asya from Ahdaf Soueif's 'In the Eye of the Sun'. She lingered on in my consciousness and figured explicitly in something I wrote once.
my favourite is probably the astonishing sherman alexie (indian writing of another sort-- from my corner of the planet), but also: a.s. byatt and angela carter (both of them for strange, twisted half-fairy tales), lorrie moore, marquez, yes carver of course (and his poetry) jhumpa lahiri (whose short fiction i like more than her novel)....
second that on lahiri. also byatt. May I suggest Rana Dasgupta. Yes, I call it more of a collection of stories than a novel. Oh, chap called Joyce wrote some rather good stuff once upon a time.
ohh..and hola from one Unisun writer to another, though in my case, of the obscure, poetic variety.
Somak here. Enjoyed reading your blog. My recos would be Borges (the undisputed Master), Kafka, James,Tagore and in that order.
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