Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sunday (mostly literary) picks

Kamla Bhasin on nominating 1000 women for the Nobel Peace Prize. I want to see the India list!

Ravi Vyas on George Orwell's Animal Farm: 'Orwell's politics embraced a number of issues: the essential nature of all dictatorships, both of the Left and the Right, politics and the corruption of language, the ephemeral nature of human relationships or the only form of real angst, the menace of bureaucracies, but, above all, the commitment of language as the partner of truth.' See other posts on Orwell.

Mahesh Dattani - 'a voice unafraid to joust with a bleak today'.

And since these are all from the Hindu Literary review, I have to add that Middlesex is keeping me up into the small hours of the morning.

Jason Cowley in the Observer, on what a good time this is for British fiction: 'this is, I think, perhaps the richest year for contemporary British and Commonwealth fiction since the launch of the Booker Prize in 1969, with most of our best novelists - Ian McEwan (Saturday), Kazuo Ishiguro (Never Let Me Go), Zadie Smith (On Beauty), JM Coetzee (Slow Man), Julian Barnes (Arthur & George), Salman Rushdie (Shalimar the Clown), Hilary Mantel (Beyond Black) - publishing exceptional new works.'

Re: the Indian list... go see...
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