Saturday, September 10, 2005

Delhi - V

On further reflection, have come to the conclusion that everything is hybrid. A central Asian visitor to the Mughal court would have written back home bemoaning (or perhaps lavishing praise over) the culinary exploits of these Turks-i-Hind. Some hybrids are just better than others though. Hmmph!

More food was had - move over Karim's (went, food was ok), hello Swagath (DefCol market): Chettinad chicken in a pepper gravy (to die for), prawn fried in some melange of garlic, butter and sesame, light hot Ceylon paranthas, mutton stew, fish curry, more prawn (this time deep fried, red hot) - sorry vegetarians, I'm sure there was something on the menu for you too, but I didn't notice! Tears came to my eyes for all sorts of reasons. How do I live without this stuff? Anyway, another 20 days in which to fill my hump before returning to the gastronomic Sahara that is the rest of the year. (Even the food on Kingfisher is much better than that on Al Italia, who for some strange reason decided they needed to give me a Hindu meal. This, it transpired, was actually a Jain meal, sans salt, onion, ginger, garlic and anything else that makes food worth eating - sorry Jains, but I would just not be able to do it!)

Four days in Delhi, full of food, politics, and friends. Yummy!

Your comment re. coming back to this "gastronomic Sahara" - below is an excerpt from an interview with Michael Owen, who has recently moved back to England after just one year at Real Madrid -

"I had a good time in Madrid, both on and off the pitch but I missed the UK weather, I missed the food, the Premiership and being around English people."

To each his own, I guess... maybe you have to be English to truly appreciate the charms of a well-cooked meal of toast and beans. oh, and jacket potato and beans.
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