Saturday, September 03, 2005

Late Elizabethans

Since much rumour has been circulating here and on other blogs regarding the House, it seems appropriate to correct a few misconceptions. The House is not Victorian - the front half of it is reputed to be late Elizabethan; it has not four bedrooms but five; it does have a piano, but one that is horribly out of tune and insists on jangling its listeners with grating seconds when any of its keys are struck. The House does indeed have a cellar with an enormous hearth (which more informed visitors have speculated would once have served as the kitchen), a wine cellar (empty) and an overgrown backyard with crumbling remnants of 16th century walls. The master bedroom takes about 7 seconds to cross from end to end at an easy walking pace (in comparison with the 2 leaps that could have straddled my previous one). It overlooks Christ Church's (now) lush meadow and could well function as the king suite in a heritage B&B (detailed descriptions of the bed will not be furnished here - this has to be seen to be believed). Mention must also be made of the existence of priests' cubbyholes and other kinky architectural features, as well as a roof that permits high-altitude rambling amidst charming gables, eaves and chimney pots just behind the sheer dam-like presence of South Schools. The House stands on the cobbled stretch of Merton Street - the precise stretch of road, in fact, that Bill Bryson has described as one of the loveliest streets in Britain (barring the ugly residence of the Principal of Merton at my end of the road).

In this mini-Gosford Park (minus servants), I am expected to conduct research on subaltern social movements many of which declare themselves to be anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and pro-sustainable development. This slightly discomfiting thought, added to the prospect of massive gas bills, has suggested the following course of action: to turn the house into a commune with a strict no-noise policy from 9 am to 6 pm. Occupants will start arriving in early October. Current occupants seem to have taken to the house like ducks to water - we are, after all, late Elizabethans.

Recommended reading: Richard Rodriguez, 'Late Victorians' (I can't find a link - somebody help!)

[With all the moving and cleaning and lack of an internet connection (till now), I have been totally cut off from news - apologies for the ivory toweredness of this post, oblivious as it seems to the horrific news from all over the world that I have only caught snatches of.

Watch 'Crash' - more on that soon.

u have a wine cellar? a piano? a terrace? five bedrooms?? FIVE?

gah. and here am i. i need to vent to someone. send me ur new phone number when u have one. u'll get a vent from me as a reward.
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