Tuesday, October 11, 2005


My mother's book reviewed. Nice review, except for the following odd sentence: 'Most Indian parents have their sons/daughters studying/working abroad.' Most?

this is shrimoyee-from lawschool, radica's friend- found your blog just browsing - such virtual serendipity-couldn't find an email address- so thought i'd leave you a note- am in london
mwah!!! mwah!!! finally, a non-spam comment!!! and from you!!! listen, email me at rahulrao78@yahoo.co.in and we can exchange numbers. do you want to come down this weekend? i'm having a big housewarming party. come no? how weird to meet like this..
ok, u need to officially start blogging again. otherwise i will spill all the dirty secrets i've learnt from ur school juniors on my blog. and yes, that's a threat.
also, i'm coming to the old blighty next month. keep urself unoccupied. i demand it.
sorry, that's not going to work. i was positively angelic in school. however, will resume blogging.
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