Sunday, October 09, 2005

Rules for the not-so-new world order

A revealing interview with the US Ambassador to India, David C. Mulford, in which he lists the criteria that the US has used to justify supporting India's civilian nuclear ambitions:

' have criteria that justify doing this. First of all we have a very close partnership. Secondly India is a country that needs for its development, civil nuclear energy. It is a democracy, it has a long and distinguished history as a non-proliferator. It has recently implemented non-proliferation legislation and it did so quite quickly under NSSP and is in the process now of implementing it. If you look at that and take the view that India is meeting the standards that major nuclear powers are meeting and therefore say that we need to regularise relationships and they need to assume the same duties and they need to have roughly the same benefits even though they are not signatories to the NPT. That does not apply in any way to North Korea, Iran, or even to Israel or Pakistan. You know Israel is an important country but it does not need nuclear power for its development. So, I think, India can truly be distinguished as a unique case and I say that because if you advance that unique case you can do so without violating or compromising your own commitment to non-proliferation.'

Look again at the first criterion.

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