Tuesday, November 08, 2005

earthquake, earthquake, earthquake

Almost a month on, 87350 dead, 3 million homeless, people could 'freeze to death' and the world has given only 20% of the minimum needed. Forget the miserly G7 for a moment, what is the blasted worldwide ummah doing? Invoked only when ideological legitimation is needed for local, self-interested projects (read: violence). Ignored when it comes to giving in times of need. Shame!

clarification: when I say 'blasted worldwide ummah', what I really mean are the Saudi billionaires funding training camps in Pakistan. Time to fork out for a better cause, sheikhs.

That's a bit lame, no? The Wahhabis feed off discontent and malaise - solving problems would sabotage their raison d'etre.
point taken, but earthquake relief is also a way of recruiting. crap agenda, but at this point money from anywhere... (i dunno, i'm undecided on this one)
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