Sunday, November 27, 2005

LoC update; eye on Pakistan

Dawn reports that people are now being allowed to cross the LoC from IoK to PoK.

Kashmiris themselves are upset about being kept out of recent Indo-Pakistan diplomacy. Some clarity in this piece about things I didn't know earlier:
- Mirwaiz Omar Farooq (Hurriyat) proposes a 'united states of Kashmir' (presumably a 'federal' Kashmir whose different units are administered by India and Pakistan?)
- Amanullah Khan (JKLF) seeks independence from both India and Pakistan for a reunited Kashmir.
- Then there are the more pro-Pakistan actors such as the PoK politicians quoted here (and perhaps Lord Nazir from the tone of his statements here), who see Kashmir's best bet as staying with Pakistan.

Pakistan seems to have had a good session at the recent Commonwealth summit at Malta - it escaped censure for its shaky democratic credentials because everyone was preoccupied with 'global political concerns' (and Pakistan's pivotal role in them). (To be fair everyone may also have thought Pakistan had more immediate crises to deal with at the present time.) And as India, South Africa, Brazil (occasionally in coordination with China) position themselves as the major counter-hegemonic coalition of the day, Pakistan and Nigeria seem to be pulling closer together. A counter-counter-hegemonic alliance?

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