Monday, November 28, 2005

ooooh, touchy touchy...

Finally, I feel like this blog is being read! This comment (from someone called neoleftychick) in response to my Isaiah Berlin post (which, as you will recall, went on to talk about Palestine and the Spanish Civil War). I have the inclination, but not the time, to respond to this - so if someone else wants to in my comments section, please feel free. Abuse will not be tolerated, so keep the discussion civil please.

Are you people serious? I can't believe that you would accept the hopelessly ignorant and serial liar Edward Said as an authority on these matters! It really saddens me that so many people, particularly western middle-class university types who treat "Orientalism" as though it were unassailable holy scripture, the second law of thermodynamics or DNA code! Said was a crank and an intellectual crook. True historians see him for what he was: a lying opportunistic whinger who simply could not admit that the Arab muslim world started to die in the 15th century, and that they haven't had the balls to admit ever since. Enough already! What is wrong with these people? If it's not the Mongols, the Turks, the Persians, it's the British, the French, the Americans and "the Jews". Time for them to grow up, shut up, and stop boring the shit out of the rest of us. I hope this helps. Toodles.

Actually, the funniest part of this comment is the 'I hope this helps' at the end. actually it doesnt, if you don' know...argue. I mean some evidence, reasons for your vitriol would be good.

aw, the only trolls i get are crazy greek nationalist types who hate the turks. i'm jealous. i like how you are "you people," by the way. the royal we??
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