Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday pickings

Ram Guha on personal life circumstances that might account for Gandhi's timing of the Quit India movement. Here's an interesting snippet: 'It says much about Gandhi, and Andrews, and the Indo-British relationship more generally, that this practising Hindu and anti-colonial leader had as his most intimate friend, a white-skinned Christian priest educated at Cambridge. If you admired Gandhi — and there were millions who did — you called him "Gandhiji" or "Bapu". If you disliked Gandhi — and there were, if not millions, at least many thousands who did-you referred to him as "Mr. Gandhi" or "that man Gandhi". But, as fare as I know, in the many decades that Gandhi was a public figure only one man, C.F. Andrews, ever addressed him by his first name, as "Mohan".

Renuka Rajaratnam on Zadie Smith's On Beauty: 'The novel works well in separate segments but fails as a whole as Smith's Dickensian sort of sweep does not hold in coherence the multitude of notions, characters and situations spread wide across the book. The sinuous narrative, which moves into a density of details and long, stretched-out conversations, is at times downright tiresome. But Smith's verbal energy flows with spirit and she brings off her comedy with an intelligent and an engaging air of neutrality.'

Maradona calls George Bush 'human trash'.

The ultimate pick up lines: 'Is that a ladder in your tights or a stairway to heaven?'

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