Monday, December 12, 2005


...will henceforth be called Bengalooru (whatever language you're speaking in). Wonder how the choms* will negotiate this.

* choms = more than slightly condescending NLS lingo for North Indians.

i'm not sure if it's occured to you as yet, or whether u're pretending to ignore this bit but from now on your hometown will have 'bengal' in its name. hah hah hah (evil laughter).

and yes, see u in oxford. u'd better.
not only that, if you split it up as bengal-ooru, it literally means bengal town. whatever. the original name was bendakalooru (my school text book said bendaka referred to boiled beans that an old woman gave a king, but bendaka actually means okra).

and *i'd* better? you were the one who waltzed into and out of town without telling me. and i like the way *i'm* being apologetic. it's not *my* fault ok?
I always assumed choms was universal lingo in South India and was suitably abashed/impressed to discover its by and large a law school invention. After seeing dhichak cars in Hyderabad, I reached the conclusion that CHOM is a state of mind, not a state of geography
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