Monday, January 23, 2006

i'm hitting 'save' in my head
over and over again...
not in case of loss, but after the fact.
replay, save, rewind, replay...

in any case, how was i supposed to do a backup
while you were alive?
what insurance policy was i supposed to take out?
i just savoured. that was all i could do.

every email, every conversation,
that laugh, that smile, those tears,
that thing you told me about this person
your hopes, my dreams, your fears.

come fucking back. come and see my void.
it's like living in a darkroom with all the negatives on the floor,
but the positives have been destroyed.
the equipment doesn't work anymore.

saved, savoured.
one would have stopped you.
the other let you live.
plus it has an 'our' in the middle.

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