Thursday, January 05, 2006

Middle East today

The post-Sharon scenarios are already being written. Donald Macintyre, writing in The Independent, thinks that Israel 'may paradoxically face a clearer choice than it has almost ever done before; between an energetic Labour leader committed to reversing inequalities within Israeli society and to a just peace with the Palestinians, and to a Likud one whose opposition to Gaza disengagement suggests he has never given up on the dream of a greater Israel...It may well not happen, of course; but it is just possible that the Sharon legacy will be to give the most interesting Labour leader since Yitzhak Rabin a chance to lead his country. ' Steven Erlanger, writing in the New York Times, thinks that Bibi Netanyahu and the rump Likud party will gain in a post-Sharon election. Israelis who followed Sharon out of Likud into his new centrist party Kadima because they believed he represented Israel's best guarantee for security are now likely to fall back on what they see as the next likeliest guarantee - Netanyahu. The jury has not even been picked on this one, but both agree that Kadima is probably not going to impress in a forthcoming election.

Meanwhile, read this 007-like story of how Iran might have got the bomb from the CIA. Intelligence is thy middle name, huh?

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