Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sunday pickings

Hello, I'm back! Happy New Year!

The Observer tells us what to read in 2006. I will be looking out for Londonstani, A Night at the Majestic, and The Great Wall.

Indian cricket is the number-one sports brand in the world? Maybe: 'Sponsorship of the India shirt brings in $27.12million a year - outstripping even the Brazil football deal with Nike ($16million a year) and top clubs Juventus ($22.2m), Chelsea ($17.5m) and Manchester United ($16.8m). The BCCI have completed several major deals in recent weeks, with bidders clambering to be associated with their brand. The biggest is with Air Sahara for $70m over four years. It is estimated Indian cricket generates £90m a year overall.'

My sister and I think he looks like Beethoven. And she got to interview him! Here's the story she filed.

I've been here! Natula in Sikkim, on the Indo-Chinese border. Things I remember: being extremely short of breath, being regaled with stories and mithai by some Sardar army officer, and waving excitedly across no-man's land to a Chinese soldier in a watchtower who grinned at us and waved back with a girlie magazine. Oh, and if you go to Sikkim, stay in Hotel Tashi Delek.

Delhi is in love with its metro. Bengalooreans can only turn green with envy.

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