Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Writing into the ether
seems to be the best way to reach you.
(Is it? Can you hear me?)
Is this what you wanted?
Are things better now?

I still can’t understand.
You tried to help me see your abyss.
I tried to stand on the brink and peer into it with you.
But there was always the bell jar between us.
Always? What about that time when…?

I even read Sylvia Plath, so that maybe,
just maybe,
I could lift that bell jar off your head,
Or join you under it.
Anything. Anything, just to understand
Instead of offering well-meaning platitudes
From afar.

So near, yet so far.
Did I ever know you?

You’re still here,
Saying every so often, ‘Hello my dear’.
You’ve just fed your wardrobe to the night wind.

This is beautiful.


Thank you for letting it out and sharing it with us.
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