Saturday, February 04, 2006

Weekend pickings

Read Pankaj Mishra's fascinating account of the Cold War, as seen from Jhansi. I only remember children's magazines from book fairs, and either the magazine or its favourite character was called Misha. Lots of stuff about space and cosmonauts with CCCP written on everything. And a throwaway comment from my dad about how American propaganda (i.e. Span magazine) was so much more slick. We should have seen the signs.

Read this, this and this. The Supreme Court of India has just ruled that the Delhi High Court must hear a petition challenging the constitutionality of India's anti-sodomy law, filed by Naz foundation. The High Court had previously dismissed the petition on a technicality, namely that Naz had no legal standing to file the petition (since it was not affected by the operation of the law). The SC's ruling merely reverses the finding on this narrow issue of standing and insists that the High Court must hear the petition on its merits. Interestingly, additional solicitor-general Gopal Subramaniam reversed the GoI's previous position in court in stating that it would no longer oppose the hearing of the petition on merits. A small but significant victory for queer rights in India.

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