Wednesday, July 26, 2006


5000 Israelis marched in Tel Aviv against the war. Beautiful people. Read more from Gush Shalom.

And there is talk of a deal brokered by Mahmoud Abbas between Hamas, who have agreed to free Gilad Shalit and Israel, who have agreed to a prioner release but at some future date. The Israelis will call it a 'goodwill gesture' , so as not to make it look like they caved in to a swap. The only sticking point is the Hamas leadership in Syria and his Syrian backers, who I think would be total bastards if they blocked this.

An unrelated naive footnote: look closely at the picture. Why do other governments not speak up in situations like this? Why are the only interlocutors the superpower, the former colonial powers, and neighbouring states? Why do other states not speak up? What has happened to the politics of solidarity? Wiser commentators than me will say they have their own problems, they don't have the power or leverage to intervene decisively so why burn bridges through rhetorical posturing, their interests are not directly implicated, or perhaps their interests necessitate silence/acquiescence (e.g. does the GoI think that Israel's response to terrorism is a relevant and legitimate precedent?). And so realpolitik rolls on.

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