Saturday, February 10, 2007

the next big thing

update (12/02): The US presents 'evidence' of Iranian involvement in Iraq - diplomatic squeeze or preparation for war? Early indications are that Iran is backing down. I hope State Department officials receive training in how to give their (much weaker) opponents face-saving ways out of corners.

Plans for military strikes on Iran seem to be underway despite overwhelming opposition from the Pentagon, State Department, Democrats and most Republicans. The frightening thing is that as the Bush presidency enters its legacy phase, we can expect it to overrule the good counsel of people who care about their re-election prospects. One wise guy on the Iran Policy Committee says: 'I believe the only way to get at the deeply buried sites at Natanz and Arak is probably to use bunker-buster bombs, some of which are nuclear tipped. I do not believe the US would do that but it has sold them to Israel.' So the US contemplates using its nuclear weapons to prevent other states from developing the nuclear weapons that would shield them from US nuclear strikes. Nice.

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