Monday, April 23, 2007

Back, with a Vaio

I'm pleased to report that I have completed a final draft of the magnum opus, which is now printed and bound and waiting to be submitted. In celebration, I spent a week in Marrakech and another in Bangalore (carbon duly offset...tsk tsk such a David Cameron thing to say no?) before coming back to a bust computer (the 'e' key fell of while I was writing my conclusion - I think I would have been vaguely perturbed if it had been the 'i'). I realised it was time to say goodbye to my Compaq Presario 1200 when an Internet search turned up a Wikipedia entry describing the machine as if it were an item of historical interest. After much agonising, I finally decided to purchase a Sony Vaio. This isn't a techie blog so I won't bore you with the details, but it looks lovely.

Travels were wonderful - watch this space for more on that. In the course of various conversations, I have come to realise that an alarming number of people read this blog. One of the reasons it's been easy to write so far has been the presumption that no one was reading, but I guess I was wrong! For your entertainment, I've decided to respond to a meme with which I've been tagged by verbalprivilege - 'Five things you may not know about me':

1. As I kid, I wanted my family name to be MacDonald.

2. I hate brinjal/kathrikai/vankai/baingan/eggplant/aubergine - unless it's called patlijan and served in restaurants called Zencefil.

3. My fifth standard maths teacher (Miss NRS, at the time, for those from BCBS) used to pray with me after class - her hand on my head, the windows shuttered, the classroom dark and empty - speaking in tongues: 'Accarabarabara Sharabarabara...'

4. I once had a 45 minute conversation with Roger Bannister without knowing it was him, in which I dissed the idea of running round and round the Iffley Road sports track. I have also lied to the Queen of England.

5. I can crack all my joints.

In slightly more significant news, progressive and exciting developments are afoot in the US of A, where George Soros is at war with AIPAC and Governor Spitzer of New York plans to introduce a gay marriage bill.

You totally crack me up!
i think the lying to the queen of england deserves a separate point all on its own.

congratulations!! many many hugs on finishing. come across the atlantic and celebrate, boston's lovely at the moment.
thank you!! would love to but can't travel anywhere far for the next couple of months because of term. and am thinking of going back to india for a longish time in summer, so not sure when i can make it next to your part of the world. maybe a conference junket...
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