Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Politics, at home and in the world

Harish Khare on the state of the UPA - a tripartite tale of competition within the Congress, between the Congress and its regional allies in virtually every state, and between the Congress and the Left. 'The Congress has frittered away its historic opportunity of reinforcing the virtues of pan-Indian values, working style and Nehruvian Weltanschauung needed to energise a sub-continental polity', he says.

GWF Hegel in da house - Julian Baggini on high brow spin in the House of Commons.

The furore over Wolfowitz at the Bank isn't just on account of his role in the secondment and promotion of his partner, or even his support for the war on Iraq while at the Pentagon - says Bank MD Graeme Wheeler. It's about deeper fears that Wolfowitz and his aides are trying to impose Bush administration ideas on family planning and climate change at the Bank.

Found your blog through a Google search on Rhodes scholar blogs. I'm one of this year's scholars-elect from Bangalore (just got an offer from Exeter College, second PPE) and I loved your account of your interview (I had a pretty similar response to the sports question :) ). Would you be up to offering some (sage or other) advice on Oxford, Politics subjects and academia? I comment because I couldn't find an e-mail address. Could you mail me at nakulkrishna at gmail dot com, perhaps?
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