Friday, June 01, 2007

from the obituary of an activist

'As someone committed to activist journalism, he didn't waste but spent much of his time in such work of promoting movements and educating society instead of writing and producing a pile of books in his name.' Thoughts?

This person seems like he had his priorities straight!
Hmm, *his* priorities yes, but I wouldn't say the priorities of all of us devoted to social justice, change, etc. should be the same as his.

This may sound funny coming from someone who's (temporarily) left academia precisely because I was fed up and wanted to do more "direct" advocacy work, but I don't at all see the former as a "waste of time." Writing and especially teaching are important ways to contribute, and some people are much better suited to that path than those of direct organising, activist journalism, party politics, etc.

True, there's a lot of books gathering dust out there on shelves. But sometimes the books matter. Sometimes they're absolutely crucial.
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