Tuesday, August 14, 2007

jaya jaya jaya jaya he

remember the suicide farmers * remember Roop Kanwar * remember Babri Masjid * remember Kalahandi starvation deaths * remember 930,000 missing girls every year * remember Bhagalpur blindings * remember Godhra * remember the 350 million below the poverty line * remember the Emergency * remember the guy who was an under-trial for 54 years* remember anti-Sikh riots * remember Shah Bano * remember dry laterine cleaners * remember Narmada * remember Bofors, JMM, hawala * remember Graham Staines * remember the 39% illiterate * remember Gandhi

Engaging post. Touching even for a non-Indian. The cosmopolitan in me feels like thanking you for remembering.

F xx

PS: Why a hindi title to this post?
ugh francois, don't make me feel like i've written some soppy editorial. the title is the last line of the national anthem: 'victory, victory, victory, victory to thee'. there is much dispute over whether the 'thee' was king george V or god, but only people who know nothing about tagore cling to the former interpretation.
Couldn't 'thee' be the people of India? Why is god always part of national anthems? Delusions of grandeur, me thinks. Why not look downwards for legitimacy?

And no, I did not think your editorial not was soppy at all! I did really find it powerful and appropriate. I think it's good to use national days to remember the horrors as well as the successes. That's how collectivities move forward. I always greet Quebec's national day by asking people what they think of its treatment of Native people, and of Quebec's record on racism (e.g. 'we' lost the last referendum because of 'money and the ethnic vote', to paraphrase the premier's comments following the results). So India is probably as great as it is fucked up, and one should not forget that. So, thanks for remembering.

Love, F :)
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