Thursday, July 02, 2009

for NLS

I have spent most of the day processing this: the Delhi High Court read down section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, so that it no longer proscribes adult consensual same-sex activity. I tried writing something coherent by way of a reaction to this, but the words seemed too trite to capture the enormity of what this tiny, partial, provisional, interim legal victory means. There will be time for coherence and reflection and planning and strategy, but that time is not now, not tonight. For now, all I can do is to remember people and places that got me from self-doubt to coming out to being proud despite illegality and family shenanigans and broken relationships. And in that long long list, there is one place that comes up again and again in all sorts of guises, a place I have never been sentimental about, a place I barely invested in in the five years that I was there, but which now looms larger than life in restrospect: National Law School. This is the place that gave me - and there is really no other less old-fashioned word for it - courage. Courage to live as if the law didn't matter, which is an ironic thing for a law school to do. And I can't even construct a coherent narrative about how it did that because I was barely conscious of it at the time, but it's an itinerary that passes through gender studies circle and 'pseudoness' and late night chats and film festivals and MA's 'travelling circus' and a sociology project that I really didn't want to do but ended up being unexpectedly prescient and amicus briefs at placements that never got used (or maybe they did?!) and my gorgeous cousin MG who walked the path first and seniors like AN who politely inserted the issue at every possible opportunity and juniors like TK who showed that leadership and electoral office were not beyond our reach (I was not yet part of this 'our' being, at the time, genuinely confused but absorbing, subliminally, that it was possible to live this life without fleeing to other jurisdictions) and the amazingly straight-supporting lenjgang who were family in the darkest days after we'd graduated. Here was a place that operated like a bubble in the best possible way, almost in defiance of how the outside world thought. I am valorising it of course because it was as much a battleground as a bubble, but there was enough space for the construction of these alternative worlds in which half-thoughts lay buried that would only germinate in other times and places. At least that's how it worked for me. I was so privileged to be there and I would have been a completely different person today if I had not. It does not surprise me in the least that a significant number of counsel for the petitioners are NLS alumni. If you're reading this and can recognise anything I'm talking about, thank you for helping me.

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