Saturday, August 01, 2009

1st main, 2nd cross, 3rd block, 4th phase, 5th stage, somewhere

we live on 1st main, 8th cross of koramangala 4th block. sometimes i feel like writing 'turn left at the t-junction' somewhere in the address. 8th main seems to have major arterial importance in terms of people finding their bearings. i'm not sure why proper nouns have gone out of fashion in the newer parts of bangalore. it's not that we're short of celebrities. to the contrary, i suspect that we have a vast reservoir of B-grade celebrities, none of whom towers over the others enough to warrant having a major road named after them. so instead we're condemned to this naming system of numbers and building blocks. i particularly like phase and stage, because they sound so teleological - almost as if 4th phase and 5th stage are vastly improved over their predecessors, with much better amenities taking you that much closer to liberation from the cycle of digging and relaying within which most of us hapless citizens in the lower phases and stages of urban planning are trapped thanks to the wisdom and foresight of the bruhat bengaluru mahanagara palike.

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