Thursday, August 06, 2009


i am in infrastructure nirvana. broad flat roads with many lanes, flyovers, effortless underpasses with no crazy gradient changes and zigzag dividers, leafy tree-lined avenues, roads down which it is possible to go both up and down (for those of you wondering why this is something to be grateful for, try negotiating bangalore's ever-modulating system of one-ways), a metro (as yet untried by this blogger, but knowing it exists is a great source of excitement), buses of many different kinds, we shall ignore the auto-drivers from hell (but a new supreme court-imposed quota has reportedly artificially jacked up the price of renting autos, inducing virtually all drivers to become professional extortionists to recover their investment), addresses that can be found. any comments about heat and dust will make me sound like a ruth prawer jhabvala novel, so i shall desist from making them. middle-class indians like myself, i am beginning to think, are obsessed with infrastructure. i would hazard the claim that in few other middle classes anywhere in the world do drawing room conversations routinely turn to the state of infrastructure in the city. everyone from the professional urban planner to the irate housewife has a view: on how much of a shortfall there is, how it should be made up, whose fault it is that it hasn't, and so on. decisions about which city to live in are made on the basis of who wins the infrastructure wars. the reason is quite simple: we, the rich, can buy everything except infrastructure.

Try the Metro, fool! It's a very nice one; I had Metro-envy on behalf of New York's filthy and antiquated (but still loveable) subways.

Infrastructure is an obsession here, too, for many of the same reasons. Or maybe I'm simply the one obsessed with public transportation, and hence inclined to hear selectively...
A hangover from Weber- taming nature and space equals modernisation and development..

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