Sunday, September 06, 2009

a day in the life of me

woke up. breakfast (toast with guava jelly, coffee). read OUP instructions. formatted 4 chapters. panicked about not having applied for copyright permissions (note to other authors: apply for permission well before you finish writing!). narrowed it down to 2 extracts. joyce estate administered by notoriously difficult grandson. don't want to get into pangas with him. edited the extract down so that it would qualify as 'insubstantial'. down to one. vikram seth. think he'll be nicer (his publisher might not be). we'll see...cleaned house, lunch, cleaned more, talked to my mum, cleaned even more, replenished coffee supply, went for a run, showered, cooked, ate, watched barkha on we the people (should we ban books - duh, no - manish tiwari always starts statement with ultra-condescending voice as if talking to lovable but demented child, then gets heated up and never stops talking; soli nice; harish salve bit irritating; nilanjana (possibly of kitabkhana fame?) wonderfully reasonable; jayashree (?) bit too relaxed for a banned author; shahid somebody who claimed credit for urging rajiv to ban satanic verses (asshole); marxist historian said all the expected things; gujarat minister said all the expected things. coffee, email, blogging. might fall asleep reading palash krishna mehrotra's eunuch park (brilliant - will write more about this soon). annoyed that 'palash krishna mehrotra was born in mumbai in 1975 and was educated at st stephen's college, delhi, the delhi school of economics and balliol college, oxford.' i feel less special with every passing day.

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