Tuesday, June 28, 2011

free associations 1

writer's block is a big fat block wooden block sitting on table block block thoughts blocked clogged arteries phlegm i cannot seem to write anything about anything important is that how you even spell phlegm is this how gertrude stein wrote? Gertrude Stein! Now that's a thought. I went to see Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, in Paris, in UGC Danton (cinema) - I am so in awe of Danton, Demoulins and Robespierre after reading Hilary Mantel's brilliant A Place of Greater Safety that I entered the goddam cinema with something approaching reverence, but this is not the point - the point is that the cinema in which I watched Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris features in the opening credits of the film and there is something incredibly interesting about being able to watch the space in which you are sitting on a smaller space on a screen while sitting within that space: the whole can be consumed visually while sitting within the whole. You are in it, but you are also bigger than it while sitting inside it. This makes me think of Osama bin Laden having videos of himself made watching himself on TV. At what point does this kind of obsessive self-reflexiveness cease to make sense? For example, could there have been a good reason for Osama to have made videos of the dude making videos of Osama watching himself on TV? My earliest memory of a visual representation of a problem such as this comes from the first barber shop to which my Dad took me to have my hair cut. The 'waiting room', a rectangular space that must not have been larger than 6 feet by 2, contained two benches at either end behind each of which were mounted large mirrors. Facing each other, the mirrors reflected everything between them to infinity. It was the first moment in which I got the sense that the universe was very large.

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